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At this camp, our professionally trained staff use games, multi-sensory techniques, and systematic instruction . Each camper is evaluated to determine their needs  A 5:1 camper to staff ratio ensures every camper receives individual attention and support.

Our wide variety of social skills activities let campers explore the world beyond the traditional therapy realm.  Individual progress will be addressed as campers are encouraged to work together to solve problems using group dynamics.  Campers gain new perspectives on learning while building self-esteem, exercising, and having fun.


Social Skills Group for Children, Teens, and Adults

Our social groups for children are based on the fact that social skills (communication skills, active listening, friend-making, reading non-verbal social cues, networking abilities) are critical life skills that foster success, happiness, and health. Our goal is to teach these skills in a compassionate and nurturing peer group setting, with the expectation that the skills will be adapted into real-world experiences and relationships.


Decrease Anxiety

In our group sessions, we teach children and adolescents how to relax and settle themselves so that they can have a more effective response to the people and situations they face every day.

Improve Self-Esteem

Instead of feeling shame, guilt or a false sense of power by trying to manipulate, control or dominate others, our group members learn how to experience authentic well-being.

Communicate Clearly

In our social skills groups, clients get to practice with their peers and learn by doing, rather than trying to "regurgitate" statements they learned in a book or heard someone else say.

Resolve Conflicts

Very few children see adults modeling effective, healthy responses to conflict. In our groups, they learn how to see another's point of view as valid, leading to greater understanding and cooperation

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