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Occupational Therapy

(Adult and Pediatric)

Occupational Therapists use a client's individual "occupations" to engage and motivate.


An adult's main occupation is to achieve the highest level of independence and successful functioning in their daily lives. This includes skills required for grooming, dressing, money management, cleaning, work skills, child care skills, cooking and other essential and enjoyable life tasks. Other occupations such as recreational sports and hobbies can also be utilized in therapy to increase independence and function.



A child's main occupation is play. Play is a therapeutic technique implemented by Occupational Therapists to help children develop necessary life skills.

Our Occupational Therapist will enhance therapy with a variety of modalities including: heat and cold packs, electrical stimulation (as seen below), splinting, adaptive aid assessment and training and Aquatic Therapy.

Through the use of play, our skilled therapists can help a child improve:

  • Fine motor skills

  • Cutting

  • Coloring

  • Handwriting

  • Manipulation of small objects and tools

  • Visual motor and visual perceptual skills puzzles, building blocks, copying, stringing beads, letter/number formation

  • Motor planning and coordination copying peers, age-appropriate motor play, obstacle courses, hopscotch, playground equipment; correcting movements

  • Upper body strength and endurance and sensory processing over and under sensitivity to textures, movements, touch, sound and light (please see the Sensory Integration tab for more details)

  • Attention span: focusing, task initiation and completion

  • Social and play skills: peer interaction, imaginative play, frustration tolerance

  • Self care skills: self feeding with a spoon or fork, buttoning, zipping, shoe tying, hair brushing, teeth brushing

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